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The PVC market price continues to rise, and the phenomenon of having a price but not a market is maintained

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Since the opening of today, the domestic PVC market price has continued to rise slightly, and the high-end quotation has reached the level of 6,400 yuan/ton, which is consistent with the market price in mid-October, but the actual transaction situation has not improved with the price increase, and it still remains in a sluggish state.

Today, the price of calcium carbide method five type material in East China market rose slightly to 6100-6300 yuan/ton, and the market performance was deadlocked. The reasons are: on the one hand, there are relatively few sources of goods in the market, and traders intend to raise the price of limited sources, while downstream enterprises have lower start-ups and are more reluctant to high-priced sources; On the other hand, traders are unable to see the future trend of the market, rarely take goods, and the market is still mainly wait-and-see.

Today, the price of calcium carbide method five type material in South China market is 6100-6200 yuan/ton, the market popularity is insufficient, and the atmosphere of negotiation is light. In the context of large market variables, downstream enterprises are also more cautious in taking goods. According to common sense analysis, under the premise of no strong downstream support, the market price rise can only be maintained for a short period of time, and the current situation is obviously contrary to common sense. Market participants believe that it is mainly due to the limited supply of goods in the hands of traders, not in a hurry to ship and purchase goods, and enterprises due to the early losses are too serious, take the opportunity to raise prices. If the social supply continues to be slowly consumed, and the social inventory grows to a certain extent, the market price will still be difficult to maintain a high level

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