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The South China market is experiencing another wave, and the market is clearly bearish in the future

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Since the opening of the market this morning, the domestic PVC market in South China has made waves again, and some source companies have sharply increased prices, which has led the market direction obviously. Whether the price in other areas of the market is rising, falling or consolidating, it is difficult to draw conclusions when the market does not follow the conventional cards.

Due to the long-term market price chaos in South China, and the fluctuations are larger, so the production enterprises cautiously put the supply of goods there, moreover, under the combined effect of the overall operating rate of production enterprises, the supply of PVC in South China is seriously tightened, and some companies with goods take the opportunity to raise the price of PVC, reported high to 6400-6500 yuan/ton in the morning, and the closing price has reached 6500-6600 yuan/ton as of the afternoon. Although the transaction is limited, the price is showing an upward trend due to the lack of goods in the market, but it is difficult to determine whether the price can be effectively supported when the downstream demand is still sluggish. Therefore, all parties are concerned about the next operation and shipment of enterprises in the market.

Today's East China market is not alarmed, calcium carbide method five type material is still consolidated at 6200-6300 yuan/ton, the market atmosphere is still flat. It is difficult to say whether the later trend will follow the unconventional upward adjustment of the South China market. On the negative side, it is reported that a batch of imported goods with a purchase price of 5,800 yuan/ton have entered the East China market, and whether there will be an impact on the market outlook depends on whether the import volume is more or less.

Judging from the current situation, the market bearish factors have increased, and how the market will change remains to be further wait-and-see, but the long-term market is still not very optimistic, mainly because the real estate industry is difficult to be optimistic about the market outlook, and the demand for PVC will still be difficult to increase.

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